Rent Supplement Program Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a privately owned building and my neighbour has rent subsidized. Can I apply to have my unit subsidized?

No. NRH has entered into an agreement with the owner for specific units only. When these units become vacant, they are filled through the Affordable Housing Wait List. You may apply to get on this list, but you must move to one of the subsidized units when your name reaches the top of the list and you are offered a unit. We cannot subsidize the unit you are currently living in.

One of the subsidized tenants has been causing problems in the building. Can you do something about it?

No. the normal landlord/tenant relationship applies to all households subsidized under the Rent Supplement Program. Only the owner can proceed with remedies under the Tenant Protection Act.

I live in one of the subsidized units and the landlord wants to charge me extra for an air conditioner. Can he do that?

Yes. The agreement between NRH and the owner does not include air conditioning.

I live in a rent supplement unit and my landlord just served me with a Notice of Rent increase. Do I have to pay the new rate?

No. Your rent is based on your income. NRH will pay the difference between your portion and the new market rent.

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