Community Funding Information

What is Community Funding?

Community Funding encourages tenants to take an active role in improving the quality of life within their NRH community by providing funds for community-led special projects or activities.

Who Can Apply for Community Funding?

Tenant Associations, tenant groups and Community Program Coordinators (CPCs) can apply for the community.

What will Be Considered for Funding?

The following may be considered:

  • Does the plan have the support of the community?
  • Is there a need in the community? (ex. will it improve the quality of life in the community or provide a new service or program?)
  • Has the group received funding in the past? (groups that have not received funding will be given higher priority)
  • How will the tenants support the activity? (ex. will tenants contribute to the event or activity through fundraising or volunteer hours?)
  • Is the activity enjoyable/accessible to a majority of the tenants?
  • Is the amount of funding requested reasonable?
  • If the funds are for the purchase of an item, will the tenants be able to maintain it? Is the item being purchased necessary for a program or does it enhance the program or service?
  • Does the tenant group have a history of successful projects?

Please note that if the request requires more funds than are available, the CPCs will speak with the group to find a solution.

What Are Some Examples of Projects That May Qualify for Community Funding?

  • Starting a tenant association
  • Meeting supplies
  • Speakers to attend meetings for educational purposes
  • Equipment for recreational and social activities
  • Fundraising supplies

What Are Some Examples of Projects That Do Not Qualify for Community Funding?

  • Capital items (such as furniture that does not contribute or enhance a program)
  • Social only (ex. casino trips, dinner at restaurant)

What If the Application Does Not Receive Funds?

Applications that are not accepted the first time may be re-submitted the following year. CPCs will meet with groups whose proposal were unsuccessful to provide suggestions for future proposals.

What If the Application is Successful?

Successful groups will be expected to maintain accurate financial records, including receipts that show that funds were used as agreed in the proposal.

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