Buckley Towers

Accessible Building Accessibility - Unit Accessibility

Exterior Feature Details
YesAccessible Parking Spaces 18 Space(s)   Number of accessible parking spaces. Minimum 16" wide and clearly marked.  
YesLevel Entrance Level / firm access to main / accessible entrance 
N / ARamp Maximum slope 1:12 
YesDoor Opening Door opening minimum 37.5 inches / 950 mm 
YesAuto Door Opener  
N / ABarrier-free Playground  
N / ABarrier-free Playground Access  
Interior Feature Details
YesFlooring Flooring in public areas firm / level / slip resistance (carpet & pad no thicker than 1 / 2" or 13 mm) 
NoAccessible Washrooms  
YesBarrier-free Laundry Barrier-free access to laundry facilities 
YesBarrier-free Garbage Barrier-free access to garbage disposal 
YesBarrier-free Recycling Barrier-free access to recycling disposal  
YesBarrier-free Mail Barrier-free access to mail delivery / pick-up 
YesBarrier-free Community Room Barrier-free access to community rooms 

Additional Features

No additional features listed

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