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Social Housing Provider Years of Service Award - Celebrating 25 Years

Paderewski Society Home (Niagara), a 70 unit apartment building for seniors, was presented a plaque for providing affordable housing in St. Catharines since 1991.

Paderewski Board

Board Recognition Event

On May 12, 2010, NRH hosted a Social Housing Provider Board Recognition Event at Club Roma. NRH recognized the commitment, dedication and talents of volunteer board members and their vital role in the provision of affordable housing in Niagara.

Twenty-two nominations were received to honour outstanding board members:

Dorein BretonPeggy DineleyDon KerrShirley NielsenBrenda Smith
Maureen ChudykPauline DaoustJulia KubicaPetko PavlicicLinda Sutch
Butch DemoEzeldin EbadallaVirginia MurrayRob ReidChristine Zawadzki

The following board members received an award for excellence in:

Governance – Brian Cowan
Crystal Beach Co-operative
Energy Conservation – Ray AndersonLuther Manor IncorporatedCommunity Development
Catherine McGuire
Boarder Towne Co-operative
Building Maintenance
Marcel Poulin
Co-operative d’habitation
Beauparlant and Dorothy
James, Vineyard Co-operative
Financial – Karen Blackley
Thorold Municipal Non-Profit
New Development – Tom Kelcey
Bethlehem Projects of Niagara

Social Housing Provider Forum Recognition Awards

On March 24, 2009, NRH hosted the annual Social Housing Provider Forum.  Providers were recognized with the following Awards

NRH Green Award

Agnes MacPhail Women’s Co-operative Homes Inc. in St. Catharines received the 2009 NRH Green Award for commitment to energy conservation.  Activities/programs include:

  • Completion of an energy audit (June 2007) and as a result of the audit recommendation, completed the following projects:
    • caulked the building;
    • replaced top load washers with front load washers;
    • replaced electric dryers with gas dryers;
    • replaced 76 refrigerators with low rated (464 kw/yr);
    • replaced 78 toilets with 6 LPF toilets;
    • changed all exit lights to LED;
    • replacing ballasts as they burn out with high efficiency T8’s;
    • replacing all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (4 to 5 bulbs per unit);
  • encouraging resident involvement through programs such as:
    •  a ‘swap’ program to recycle used dry goods, books, clothes, shoes and toys; and,
    • a successful recycling program coordinated by co-op volunteers.
  • plans to continue conservation efforts in 2009 with the following:
    • replacing of 3 air make up units with high efficiency models; and,
    • replacing the  boiler with a high efficiency model.


Canal View Homes (Open Doors Concepts) in Welland has been tracking energy consumption since 2000. Alan King, Coordinator notes that, “tracking consumption is an important tool to monitor the effect of energy conservation efforts”.  Canal View Homes has had a 10% reduction in hydro consumption as a result of the following:

  • replacing exit lights with LEDs;
  • replacing outdoor spot lights with fluorescent bulbs; and,
  • replacing old refrigerators with Energy Star rated refrigerators.
  • In 2009, all 24 hour lighting will be changed to T8s.

In addition to hydro initiatives, Canal View Homes:

  • maintains all gas equipment to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible
  • lowered the temperature in the domestic hot water units for energy efficiency; 
  • replaced two make up air units;
  • installed low –flow shower heads in all units; and,
  • replaced toilets with 6 LPF toilets over a 3 year phase-in (final phase is 2009).

Alan King stated, “It is important to combine energy conservation with your building condition assessment/reserve fund study (BCA/RFS) and your preventative maintenance program - it all works together to help you decide your priorities.  Of course you always need to consider how you will fund the work and obtain any incentives that might be available.  Most of us can’t do everything all at once and it may not be best to rush out and make all the conversions within a short time (new technologies, depleting available reserve funds, work load etc.).” 

2008 NRH GREEN AWARD (First Year of Award)

Christian Seniors Homes Society of St. Catharines received the 2008 NRH Green Award for the replacement of all toilets with 6 litre Niagara Flapperless.

Social Housing Provider Years of Service Award

Neil Blythin Neil Blythin accepted the plaque on behalf of Broadoak Foundation, a 55 unit townhouse complex in Niagara Falls, providing affordable housing for families since 1982.
Jim McArthur Jim McArthur accepted the plaque on behalf of Edelheim Apartments, a 30 unit apartment building in Lincoln, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1982.
Jayne Dodds Jayne Dodds accepted the plaque on behalf of Ridgeway Lions Senior Citizen’s Complex, a 40 unit apartment building in Ridgeway, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1983.
Kelly Kendrick Kelly Kendrick accepted the plaque on behalf Ganawageh Urban Homes Inc., a 64 unit scattered houses portfolio in Fort Erie, providing affordable housing for aboriginal families since 1982.
Patrick O’Neill Patrick O’Neill accepted the plaque on behalf of Niagara Ina Grafton Gage, a 60 unit apartment building in St. Catharines, providing affordable supportive housing for seniors since 1982.   
Kevin Cowling Kevin Cowling accepted the plaque on behalf of Thorold Municipal Non-Profit Housing, a 124 unit mix portfolio of townhouse and apartment units, providing affordable housing in Thorold for families and seniors since 1983.

Also Celebrating 25 Years or More (not pictured)

  • Fairview Senior Citizens Association, a 60 unit apartment building in St. Catharines, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1984.

  • Luther Manor St. Catharines, a 40 unit apartment building in St. Catharines, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1983.

  • R.C.B.K Incorporated, a 35 unit apartment building in Crystal Beach, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1977.                                               

  • Residence Richelieu, a 49 unit apartment building in Welland, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1978.              

  • United Mennonite Homes for the Aged, a 48 unit apartment building in Lincoln, providing affordable housing for seniors since 1982.


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