Management Tools

  • Provincial Guide to Redeveloping Social Housing in Ontario
    This guide is for Service Managers and Social Housing Providers who may be considering redeveloping their social housing portfolio.
  • Governance
    The standards of good governance include a board that is effective, fiscally responsible, manage their operations in a financially prudent manner and make good decisions for the organization, as a whole. These tools and resources can assist your board to attain excellence in good governance.
  • Year End Financial Forms / Documents
    Forms relating to social housing providers' year end financial reporting requirements. Includes sample reports to assist social housing providers with annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Tenant / Member Relations
    Forms relating to tenant/member reporting requirements and include the calculation of rent-geared-to-income assistance, ongoing eligibility and affordable housing waiting list reporting requirements.
  • Property Management/Human Resources
    Tools and resources to assist social housing providers in developing human resource policies and best practices to hire, manage and supervise property management and/or staff.
  • Capital Asset Management
    Tools and resources to assist social housing providers in managing their physical assets, implementing good preventative maintenance policies and practices, and in the long-term planning and monitoring of capital reserves.
  • Emergency Response Plan Assistance
    Example of NRH's Emergency Response to be used as information or as a template for Social Housing Providers to create their own Emergency Response Plans. Includes relevant appendices and NRH policies.

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