NRH offers affordable housing to the citizens of Niagara through a diverse range of options.  For example, in addition to the units that are owned by NRH, we administer the Rent Supplement and Housing Allowance Programs through partnerships with private landlords. 

More than 126 landlords in Niagara have signed agreements with NRH to provide affordable housing in their apartment buildings, semi-detached homes, single family homes and townhouses.  As a result, tenants have a wider variety of homes and places to live in Niagara.

New Pilot Community Programs Coordinator (CPC) for Rent Supplement tenants

CPCs work to keep tenants housed and communities healthy by:

  • assisting tenants in enhancing life skills
  • mediating tenant concerns
  • performing crisis management
  • making referrals to appropriate support agencies

Pilot Community Programs Coordinator Information Sheet

Landlords can refer a tenant to a CPC by filling out the Landlord Request for Community Programs Coordinator

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