Since 2004, NRH has worked with the Federal, Provincial, Regional and local municipal governments to administer the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program. These programs have provided funding totaling over $58M under the Pilot (2004), Wave 1 (2007), the Affordable Housing Program (2009) Extension, the Investment in Affordable Housing Extension Program (2015-18) and the Social Infrastructure Fund (2016-18).

All of the 709 units created under these programs are owned and managed by private sector and non-profit organizations. They provide “affordable” rents to qualified tenants under a maximum income limit. Interested applicants can contact the owner's directly to apply - Contact Info

Affordable Housing Development Fact Sheet

60 York St. in Welland

Funded by the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), the York Street project is part of Canada's effort to swiftly address housing needs. This prefab development project has increased the number of Niagara Regional Housing units in Welland, offering 43 new units suitable for families, adults, and seniors, including 11 accessible units. Designed for energy efficiency, the project exceeds national/regional energy standards by 20%, ensuring sustainable living spaces for residents.

60 York St. Fact Sheet

Hawkins Street/Heximer Avenue in Niagara Falls

NRH's intensification project on Hawkins Street and Heximer Avenue saw 12 NRH units replaced with two apartment buildings:

  • a 55 unit, 3-storey apartment building on the corner of Dell Avenue and Hawkins Street
  • an 18 unit, 3-storey apartment building on the corner of Heximer Avenue and Hawkins Street

Hawkins Street/Heximer Avenue Fact Sheet

207 Roach Avenue in Welland

NRH’s intensification project on Roach Avenue in Welland saw four aging NRH Public Housing units (two semi-detached homes) replaced with six stacked row houses (12 units).

207 Roach Ave Fact Sheet

527 Carlton Street in St. Catharines

To respond to the high demand for affordable housing, NRH purchased 527 Carlton Street in St. Catharines for development. This new smoke-free building has 85 units, 13 of which are accessible, and was complete in March 2019 for tenants to move in.

527 Carlton Street

Fact Sheet

235 Fitch Street in Welland

Birchwood Place has expanded and now has two buildings on the site at 235 Fitch St. in Welland. Both buildings are for seniors 55+.Fitch street appartments under construction

The new East building consists of 67 non-smoking residential apartments. All units are universally designed but three units are ground floor and fully accessible.

Fitch East fact sheet

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Partner Up! Webinar

Learn about the collaborative partnership approach that was used to design and build a 67-unit, affordable housing community for seniors called Birchwood Place in Welland.

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