2019-2023 Strategic Plan – Owned Units Division


Niagara is a community where everyone has a home


To provide and develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighbourhood revitalization

Strategic Priorities and Goals

  1. 1.0 Building homes: Increase the stock and sustainability of affordable rental opportunities

    1. Increase number of affordable housing units by 50 units per year for the next 4 years in partnership with housing providers and agencies
    2. Reduce housing unit wait list
    3. Increase revenue streams
    4. Maximize asset utilization
    5. Ensure efficient service delivery
  2. 2.0 Creating vibrant communities for our tenants: Enable NRH to become more tenant-centric and responsive and provide better quality housing experience for our tenants

    1. Integrate new tenants into their housing community
    2. Deliver innovative partnerships, programs and services to provide responsive tenant supports
    3. Ensure efficient and effective response to service tenants’ requests
    4. Create and support healthy NRH communities
  3. 3.0 Promoting innovative processes: Focus on sustainable, energy –conserving and innovative practices that will reduce maintenance costs, improve operational efficiency and increase neighbourhood acceptability

    1. Build and maintain high-quality innovative supplier relationships and capabilities
    2. Improve efficiency and sustainability of new and existing buildings
    3. Enhance new development project management processes and policies
    4. Research, develop and implement effective, innovative and efficient delivery of capital programs, asset management plan and maintenance programs
    5. Enhance IT systems for business continuity and performance
    6. Implement comprehensive performance measurement system
  4. 4.0 Investing in our people: Create an engaged and informed workforce and board that supports a shared vision

    1. Enhance employee and board expertise
    2. Develop and implement succession planning strategy
    3. Promote a positive organizational culture
  5. 5.0 Informing action: Raise awareness and educate the community about the impact that housing needs have on our community’s health, sustainable growth and economic security

    1. Become leading advocate for affordable housing in Niagara
    2. Increase public profile as subject matter expert

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