Manchester Youth Play Mayor Sendzik and First Responders at Community Event

Mayor Sendzik and Farouk

NIAGARA REGION, July 27, 2018 – Manchester Youth played teams made up of Mayor Sendzik and City players, Niagara Regional Polices Services (NRPS), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), St. Catharines Fire Services and the Niagara College Knights Woman’s Basketball team at a Three on Three Tournament that was part of a Manchester community development kick-off event in St. Catharines today.

"It was a really fun day and exciting to play against new people," said Farouk Akasha, an eleven year old who was on the winning team. Mayor Sendzik, who played with City Staff, stated, "Thank you to the Manchester community for inviting us to be a part of this summer celebration and tournament. Manchester is home to some world class athletes like Mohammed Ahmed and Abu Kigab, so we knew that we had a real challenge on our hands. It was a great time and I look forward to being a part of more community events.

Samantha Bond, a student in Niagara College's Child and Youth Care program, worked with NRH through her placement with the agency to coordinate the event. "Partnering with agencies like NRH through placement opportunities gives Niagara College students like Sam unique experiential learning opportunities that that truly engage and enrich not only our students' education, but the Niagara community as well," said Carol Philips, program coordinator for NC's Child and Youth Care program.

The NRH Board recently identified Manchester as in need of community development and introduced the initiative to tenants with this summer party. When asked for input on the event, Manchester tweens and teens expressed interest in challenging the Mayor, NRPS, Fire and EMS and Niagara College to a Three on Three Basketball Tournament. The challenge was quickly accepted.

NRH Board Chair Henry D'Angela expressed appreciation to the many community members who assisted with the event, particularly Niagara College for their partnership and the student coordinator and added "I’m so glad that we were able to bring kids together with their community heroes. The relationships that were started today could have a real impact on their futures."

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