Community Programs

Niagara Regional Housing provides Community Programs services to assist tenants to develop life skills by negotiating and mediating the resolution of tenant concerns, by performing crisis management, and through referrals to appropriate support agencies. Community Program Coordinators work with tenants to maintain successful tenancies.

We promote strong and healthy communities by facilitating the development of tenant groups and implementing community programs. Working in partnership with local community agencies, we provide opportunities for leadership and improve the quality of life in our communities.

  • FACT Sheet - Community Programs
  • Community Activities

    Niagara Regional Housing works in partnership with community agencies to provide programming to improve our communities. Community Program Coordinators help tenants to locate support so that they and their families are able to live healthy, productive lives.

    Community Program Coordinators also assist in the start up and co-ordination of programs within NRH communities, including:

    • Summer recreation in family communities
    • Motivational/recreational events
    • Monthly meetings in senior communities
    • Assistance with activities that are organized within communities

    Funding may be available to assist tenants in organizing activities. For more information, please contact 905-682-9201 ext. 3935 or ext. 3936.

  • ProKids (Financial Assistance)

    ProKids provides $100 of funding annually to support children/youth participation in cultural/recreational programs of their choice such as: baseball, dance, arts, music and crafts. ProKids is available to children from infancy to 18 years of age who live in Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) communities.

    ProKids is funded by the Niagara Region Children’s Services and Niagara Regional Housing. For more information, call 905-984-3750 or register online.

  • Community Gardens: Planning and Growing a Garden Together

    Community gardening can be a wonderful way to:

    • Relax
    • Participate in an enjoyable physical activity
    • Beautify your community
    • Stretch your food budget
    • Get to know your neighbours

    Gardening gives us an opportunity to experience to nature's cycles and to teach our children that carrots grow in the earth, not in cellophane packages at the supermarket.

    NRH thanks our community partners:

    • Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold
    • Niagara Regional Housing
    • City of St. Catharines Recreation & Community Services
    • Regional Niagara Public Health Department
    • Jeffrey's Greenhouse
    • Stoke Seeds
    • Healthy Living Niagara
    • Local Business Community

    To reserve your community gardens "plot" at Torosian Gardens, Ventura Drive,
    please call 905-682-9201 ext. 3935 or ext. 3936.

  • Community Funding

    NRH provides funds to improve the quality of life in their community through the Community Funding Model.

    To receive funds, the event/activity must have the support of the community and the majority of the community must be able and willing to participate.

    The tenants must carry out the activity and maintain any items purchased. The tenant group is required to demonstrate their contribution to the activity (fundraising, donations, volunteer hours).

    For more information and to apply, click here.

  • Adopt a Garden

    Tenants are encouraged to beautify the community that surrounds them through the “Adopt A Garden” program.  When adopting a garden, tenants take responsibility for the creation and care of a garden (as large or small as they would like) on plot of land within their community.  As tenants cultivate the land, they experience the benefits of the outdoors, exercise and the gratification of a hobby that benefits their entire neighbourhood.
    “Adopt A Garden” also promotes community spirit, as it stimulates conversation and teamwork among neighbours.

    Tenants who are interested in adopting a garden should contact the Community Program Co-ordinators at 905-682-9201 ext. 3935 or 3936.

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