Bid Results

All bids are considered unofficial results until a final review is done by the Tender Evaluation Committee to ensure compliance with all the terms and conditions of the bid.

Recent tender results are posted on this page and remain up for one month.

Results from Tenders

Tender #DetailsClosed Date
PT-19-08Balcony Slabs and Metal Railings - Repair and Replacement at:
479 Carlton Street, St. Catharines
August 21, 2019
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
SST Group $711,266.07
Kuch Contracting$828,249.09
2SC Contracting$832,109.40
Cabcon Contracting$834,859.40
Alto Restoration$733,771.15
TMR Restoration$699,187.50
Structural Contracting$1,157,569.74
ATMO Contracting$722,273.40
PT-19-10Concrete Patio, Porch, Sidewalk and Walkway Repairs at:
59 Rykert Street in St. Catharines
August 30, 2019
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
Cabcon Contracting$681,719.96
Atmo Contracting$1,129,998.90
Triple F Paving$390,192.39
Alto Restoration$763,428

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