Bid Results

All bids are considered unofficial results until a final review is done by the Tender Evaluation Committee to ensure compliance with all the terms and conditions of the bid.

Recent tender results are posted on this page and remain up for one month.

Results from Tenders

Tender #DetailsClosed Date
PT-16-27Balcony Repairs at:
317 Albany Street, Fort Erie
February 1, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender DepositTender Price
Cabcon ContractingBid Bond$169,304.51
Decora Building RestorationBid Bond$185,094
Welldone Inc.Bid Bond$232,977.75
Atmo Contracting Inc.Bank Draft$158,674.60
Seawaves Development ServicesBid Bond$167,127
2SC Contracting Inc.Bid Bond$219,220
PT-16-25BWindow Replacements.

Work located throughout Niagara region.
February 8, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
Pop’s Restoration Ltd.$950,330
Trust Windows Corp.$558,749.97
Alpeza General Contracting Inc.$684,497.50
2347968 Ontario Inc., O/A Kent Construction$610,451.40
PT-17-02Exterior Door Replacements at:
Victory/Gatfield Avenue, Welland
6902 Waters Avenue, Niagara Falls
February 8, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
Cabcon Contracting$235,663.13
Trust Windows$318,923.29
Talbot Enterprises (Ontario) Inc.$391,393.58
PT-17-03Exterior Door Replacement at:
Greenmaple Drive, St. Catharines
10 Old Pine Trail, St. Catharines
February 15, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender DepositTender Price
Stolk Construction Ltd.Bid Bond$336,071.04
Trust Windows Corp.Bid Bond$385,320.96
Cabcon Contracting Ltd.Bid Bond$335,539.49
Talbot Enterprises Inc.Certified Cheque$453,229.44
PT-17-01Life Safety Generator Replacement at:
4900 Buckley Avenue, Niagara Falls
February 15, 2017
12 p.m.
ContractorTender DepositTender Price
Procon Constructors Inc.Bid Bond$174,811
Kraun Electric Inc.Bid Bond$198,281.10
Poweraid Kohler GeneratorsBid Bond$223,381.79
RFP-17-11Building Condition Assessments at:
Various Locations, Niagara Region
February 17, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
CCI Group $352,842.50
MTE Consultants$340,728.90
Peto McCallum $145,770
Grguric Architects $767,968.34
Venerino V.P. $394,827
Experts Ontario $421,918.27
Cion Coulter $298,833.59
RCEL Remy Consulting $372,089.79
Bold Engineering $129,588.40
Englobe Corp. $155,254.50
Nadine International $1,248,940.30
Pinchin $436,801.50
SC-17-02Eavestrough, Downspout, Scupper and Hopper Cleanouts at:
Various communities within the Niagara region
February 22, 2017
11 a.m.
ContractorTender Price
Spiderman Windows$37,329
Barbas Industries$65,653
2150321 Ontario Inc., o/a Brazclean Complete Cleaning Services$70,629.52
Adept Window Cleaning Ltd.$136,820.40
2090716 Ontario Inc., PEC Roof Maintenance$192,955.41
Real Time Contracting Group Inc.$208,880.50

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