Social Housing Improvement Program (SHIP)


The Social Housing Improvement Program (SHIP) is a capital program that aims to improve and preserve the quality of social housing and ensure its long term physical sustainability by:

  • Responding to the urgent capital repair needs of existing social housing stock in the Niagara region
  • Improving energy efficiency in social housing stock
  • Delivering positive impacts to social housing residents at the earliest possible times


As part of the 2016 Social Infrastructure Fund (SIF) program announced in the Federal budget, NRH received $6,079,500 in funding for capital repairs of existing social housing buildings/units.


  • Funded social housing projects must remain affordable for a 10 year period after the completion of the funded repair/retrofit, including a minimum of five years during which it will operate as social housing under the Housing Services Act, 2011
  • All funding needed to be committed by December 31, 2016
  • Approved renovation/retrofit repairs must start within three months of commitment
  • Approved projects must be completed within two years of the commitment date

Eligible Projects

  • Updates to mechanical heating and cooling systems, building envelopes and water fixtures and equipment will be encouraged
  • Replacement or reconstruction of worn out or obsolete major building or site components, major building systems or services, basic facilities and equipment, kitchen and bathroom facilities, safety features, parking facilities and walkways
  • Work that improves energy efficiency or water conservation is strongly encouraged. Energy efficiency work is expected to achieve minimum standard, appropriate to the type of structure:
  • Low-rise building: 5 point increase on EnerGuide for Homes scale

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