Community Programs


Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) Community Programs work in partnerships with community agencies to offer a wide range of assistance to tenants. This program links tenants with necessary supports to maintain tenancies and to improve the quality of life in affordable housing communities.


NRH staff assist tenants by:

  • Working with tenants to address concerns and identify possible resolutions
  • Resolving issues that may lead to eviction i.e. arrears, social disturbance
  • Providing support referrals to community agencies for tenants that may be at risk of losing housing due to their lack of ability to live independently i.e. health care, mental health support, etc.
  • Identifying underlying causes of concern such as debt, lack of income, loss of job.
  • Following up with tenants to ensure tenants have continued necessary supports
  • Promoting and supporting community development initiatives to encourage healthy, productive, affordable housing communities

Tenants Facing Eviction

There are times when tenants will be evicted despite best efforts to keep them housed. In these situations NRH staff will:

  • Work with the tenant to identify resources available to them when they are evicted i.e. shelter, food
  • Attend eviction proceedings with support agencies for at risk tenants and children ex. Family and Children’s Services, Seniors Community Programs, Police, Humane Society

Quality of Life

NRH staff work in partnership with community agencies to provide programming to improve the quality of life for our tenants.

Examples of this programming include Community Development Initiatives, Community Gardens, Pro-Kids, Summer Recreation Programs, Adopt a Garden, encouragement of Tenant Associations and Community Funding.

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