Green Ontario Fund (GreenON)


The Green Ontario Fund (GreenON) is a capital program for social housing buildings to complete eligible energy efficiency upgrades that will reduce operating costs, improve the buildings’ performance and efficiency and enhance the quality of life for tenants while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Province of Ontario has announced an allocation of $25 million over three years for the 2018 GreenON Social Housing program.


  • Must be social housing, i.e. must be subject to a transferred housing program under the Housing Services Act, 2011
  • Must be a single social housing apartment building
  • Must have less than 100 units
  • Must not have received or be receiving funding under existing greenhouse gas reduction programs including Social Housing Apartment Retrofit Program (SHARP), Social Housing Apartment Improvement Program (SHAIP), Social Housing Electricity Efficiency Program (SHEEP) and Municipal GHG Challenge Fund
  • Eligible Building Retrofits

  • The cost of required building energy audits (pre and post retrofit)
  • Replacing building heating and/or cooling systems, equipment, and associated sub-components including items such as mechanical insulation
  • Upgrading exterior or interior building insulation
  • Solar walls
  • Upgrading building windows and/or exterior doors
  • Upgrading building lighting systems including converting to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, lighting controls, and sensors
  • Re-cladding or upgrading building envelopes
  • Proposed retrofits that utilize low-carbon and carbon-free energy technologies/systems, subject to review and approval by the GreenON Fund
  • Technologies that are unproven, not generally available commercially or are pilot/demonstration projects will not be eligible.

    How to Apply

    Housing Providers must submit a Business Case for each job/project they wish to complete with GreenON funding. The Business Case must include supporting documentation, e.g. technical reports, quotes/estimates, etc.

    More information on the GreenON Business Case can be found at in the Providers section.


    Housing Providers approved for GreenON funding will be required to:

  • Sign a Contribution Agreement which will describe the legal obligations and reporting requirement for the approved project
  • Submit invoices to receive payment for approved work under GreenOn
  • Track and report GreenON funding received on their annual audited financial statements
  • Recovery of Funding

    NRH will take all available remedies to recover funding if a Housing Provider is not in compliance with the program guidelines or fails to complete the approved work within the program timelines.

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